Consul: ‘A beautiful experience’

By Axel Borgia
Epoch Times Staff

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina—Shen Yun Performing Arts Company, based in New York and engaged in its 2009 World Tour, gave another breathtaking performance at the Auditorio Belgrano. As usual for Shen Yun’s performances, the theater was packed with an enthusiastic audience.

The Argentine audiences were the first in that country to see a show that features traditional Chinese culture and stories from China’s 5,000-year history, from past to present. The show included a life orchestra that embraces both Eastern and Western instruments.

Dr. Adalberto Vicente Di­az, consul of Cape Verde, and his wife Ms. Beatriz Jones Cianci (April Sun/The Epoch Times)

Dr. Adalberto Vicente Di­az, consul of Cape Verde, and his wife Ms. Beatriz Jones Cianci (April Sun/The Epoch Times)

Dr. Adalberto Vicente Díaz, consul of Cape Verde, and his wife Ms. Beatriz Jones Cianci were impressed by the dazzling colors of the costumes as well as the 3-D backdrop that accompanied the story-based dances and provided the Spanish translation for the Chinese songs. “It’s marvelous! Awesome!” said Ms. Jones Cianci.

Although she recalled many of the different scenes, the dance Welcoming Spring stood out in her mind: “I felt great! It’s completely moving because of the colors and dresses. And there is another piece where the women wear skirts with different colors [Dance of the Yi].” The Yi, the largest ethnic group in southern China, take every opportunity to play or listen to music and to show their happiness through dance.

Ms. Jones Cianci was impressed by the picture before her eyes: “It is a show full of colors. It is wonderful!”

Consul Diaz was also captivated by the performance: “They [the dancers] really mesmerize me with their gracefulness. It looks as if they are floating in the air rather than dancing. In addition, the costumes they use are very suitable, and when one sees them move, it looks as if they are not just dancing but flying.

“I was impressed by the coordination. Over all, it is something new and we like it. We have a son who is an actor. We see the shows he participates in, but it has never been an experience like this one, so we are very happy and really amazed. It is very beautiful!” he said.

The state-of-the-art backdrops drew his praise: “It is really something! It is very well done! The combination of the choreography and the backdrop—I never saw anything like that.”

Speaking of the dances depicting Falun Gong’s plight in China, he said, “I was impressed. … The one with the gentleman who defends his beliefs and goes to heaven or imagines that he is transported [there]—it was a beautiful experience that inspires admiration.”

Consul Diaz said of the authentic Chinese culture presented by Shen Yun: “First of all, it is a culture that makes an impression on us because it is different from ours. I see that coordination and concentration is a characteristic of Asian people. They really have that dedication, the sense of ritual. They do things with a lot of professionalism.

“Additionally, they show a lot of respect for what they are doing. You can tell. They transmit what they are doing. They do it like professionals—they are really trying to show their culture, their people. I can feel myself in the face of something new that we really like because we respect music and dance, but also we respect other cultures.

“I come from a culture different from the Argentinean. We like music and drums. … We are nourished by culture. We will share this with our friends who have never seen something like this. It is very beautiful, floating, something really beautiful.”

Jorge Rouillon, another member of the audience, said of the performance: “It is an exceptional show—good artists, good dancers, good singers—and it has a lot of traditional Chinese music one doesn’t hear in this part of the world. My impression is that it gives access to a source of beauty and love and good principles. It’s lovely.”

Speaking of the varied dances, he said, “I liked them all. The chopsticks [Mongolian Chopsticks dance] impressed me most—striking, unknown around here, very interesting.”

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Jul 2, 2009


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