The Director of “Forever” Speaks At the US. Capitol

Source: ShenZhou Film Studio
View the introduction to the latest feature movie “Forever” here.

On 30th of June, Falun Gong practitioners held a press conference and a peaceful appeal at the US Congress related to the tenth anniversary of the persecution of Falun Gong. The director of ShenZhou Film Studio was invited to the conference and introduced their latest feature movie, “Forever”.


Click here to view the Trailer. 'Forever'

While I was listening to many of the Falun Gong practitioners personal experiences of being tortured in China, my heart was moved with every speech. Every time when I heard a voice of justice from people of all walks of life, I respected them quietly in my heart. I was thinking that if more people in the world would have heard these stories , they too, would have stood up to support us because the CCP is practicing persecution and has no regard for human rights. Such persecution is not only the physical and mental torture of Falun Gong practitioners, but also the torture to their families and friends, even to people who had heard about these stories. Wouldn’t people stand up and stick to their dignity when such peaceful and rational people were facing persecution?

Shenzhou Film Studio will present these stories for people all over the world and work on stopping the persecution now!

The latest movie, “Forever” was just finished recently after one year』s production. This movie is based on a real story of a Falun Gong practitioner, Zhigang Zuo from Shijiazhuang. On the last day of May, 2001, that was the day before his wedding, he was arrested by police from his work place. We didn’t know what kind of persecution he had been through during that night, however, in just that one night, a young life was persecuted to death. We couldn’t imagine what a big shock this was to his parents when they received the news.
The police told them that their son committed suicide. Nobody believed that and his parents told the police gravely that they didn’t believe what the police said because they found much evidence of torture and persecution on their son’s body. They saw this clearly. Besides, why would he commit suicide the day before his wedding? It was sheer nonsense. So, his parents told the police, ” If you want to cremate my son’s body, you have to cremate ours first”. Then they stood in front of his body and blocked the police from taking him away.

It has been so many years since this happened in 2001. The opening of this movie was last summer. During the preparation period, that is, the beginning of last year, we heard the news that his parents were still protecting their son’s body under all kinds of pressure. Although it is tough to see their son』s body still lying there ever since the day before his wedding, they are still safeguarding it. They believe that one day justice will arrive. They consider their son’s body as the only evidence which shows he was persecuted badly by the policies of the CCP.

I only want to say one thing here, that is, there is no scene about persecution in this movie because it doesn’t match the whole design of the movie. We hope the movie can captivate people’s heart using this kind of pattern. We used a metaphor method to show the deeper
meaning of the brutal persecution, instead of using voices and pictures directly. This may indicate pageantry of the moment of fighting between good and evil and the passion of practitioners or villainy of the police. There was an old saying, “it is better to be quiet instead of making voices at this moment”. So we abandoned the scenes of persecution and left the audience the space to imagine these true stories.
Thank you. What you just watched is called “Snow in June” <–[click to watch]. In that year 2001, the day when Zhigang Zuo was persecuted to death, it snowed in June. This kind of persecution and suffering as the Chinese saying goes is, “a wrong as great as history has ever known” (qian gu qi yuan).
2009-5-14 13:06


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