The Inhuman Abuse Ms. Liu Dan Endured Over the Past Four Years

( Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Liu Dan is a graduate of Jiamusi University. In October 2005, at the age of 29, she was taken into custody by police in Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province and was tortured around the clock for five days. Later she was sent to Heilongjiang Women’s Forced Labor Camp, where she was tortured to near death. In January 2006, Ms. Liu was sentenced to four years in prison and was sent to Heilongjiang Women’s Prison. She is still in prison and suffering daily abuse and torture.

Ms. Liu Dan as a university student

Ms. Liu Dan as a university student

1. Brutally tortured for five days straight

On October 24, 2005, four police officers from the Jixi City Domestic Security Division and Jikuan District Police Department, including Jiao Yang (female), Zhang Wei and Wang Weijun, broke into the home of Falun Gong practitioner Liu Sulan. Liu Dan had just returned to her hometown and was visiting Liu Sulan at the time of the break-in. She was taken away and tortured for five days and four nights at the Jikuan District Police Department. Her life was in danger when she was later detained at the No. 2 Detention Center and she was taken to the hospital twice for emergency treatment.

On the night that Liu Dan was arrested, the police tied both of her hands behind her back, tied her feet together, and suspended her from a metal gate. See Illustration 1.

Illustration 1

Illustration 1

This position is excruciatingly painful. Later, guard Wang Weijun tried to force Liu Dan to give her fingerprints but she refused. Wang ordered Liu Dan to crawl under a chair and Ms. Liu refused again. Wang kicked Ms. Liu and knocked her to the floor, which caused her head to hit the floor hard. Then he tied her legs together and forced her head down to her legs. He put a chair on the top of her back and sat on the chair all morning. See Illustration 2.

Illustration 2

Illustration 2

On the afternoon of October 25, Guard Zhang Wei placed a photo of the founder of Falun Gong under Liu Dan’s feet. She managed to hide the photo behind her back under her jacket. With the excuse of searching for the photo, Zhang Wei tore two buttons off Liu Dan’s jacket. At night, guard Jiao Yang took the opportunity to humiliate Ms. Liu again. With many male guards looking on, she raised Liu Dan’s clothes all the way above her chest. She viciously pinched the skin around Ms. Liu’s stomach and demanded where the photo was. Guard Wang Weijun then kicked Liu Dan to the floor. He spread her legs apart, pressed Ms. Liu’s face to the floor and viciously beat her. See Illustration 3.

Illustration 3

Illustration 3

On the afternoon of October 26, guard Liu Jiaxue, who had studied Chinese martial arts, pinched Liu Dan on the acupressure points on her elbows, which made her heart beat so fast that she almost fainted. This torture is hard to bear even for a few seconds.

A colleague of Liu Jiaxue, approximately 20 years of age, beat Liu Dan with his leather belt on her palms and the back of her hands. After she was beaten down to the floor, he pulled her hair to force her up. He forced her head against the wall with her back bent at a 45-degree angle. See Illustration 4.

Illustration 4

Illustration 4

By this time, Liu Dan was exhausted and very weak. She fell to the floor several times. He yanked her hair to force her up and beat her with his leather belt all over her body. She had bruises all over her body, her face and her hands. A lot of her hair had been pulled out.

On the night of October 26, after two days of torture, Liu Dan was extremely weak but she was still not allowed to sleep. Her hands were cuffed behind her back to the heating pipe until 4:00 a.m. Guard Liu Wei came and fiercely hit her temples many times. He also kicked her body and her face.

2. Life in danger twice at the detention center

On October 28, 2005, Liu Dan was sent to the No. 2 Detention Center of Jixi City. She had an extreme headache, was nauseated, had pains in her stomach, and her life was in danger. Two days later, she was sent to the emergency room in a hospital. A CT scan was conducted on her brain and an ultrasound was done on her stomach. Several days later, she was sent back to the detention center.

On November 11, Liu Dan was unable to eat anything and was in critical condition again. She was once again sent to hospital for emergency treatment.

3. Sentenced to forced labor

On November 24, 2005, while Liu Dan was still in the hospital, she was sentenced to three years of forced labor and was sent to Heilongjiang Province Women’s Forced Labor Camp. Her physical condition did not qualify her to stay at the labor camp and she was rejected. Police from the Jiquan District Police Department sent Liu Dan to the labor camp hospital for treatment first.

Guard Liang Xuemei was in charge of brainwashing Liu Dan at the labor camp. After Ms. Liu started a hunger strike to protest, she was brutally force-fed two or three times a day. Every day, four or five guards and two inmates dragged her off to conduct the force-feeding. Her front teeth had been pried out during the forced feedings, leaving several gaps and several of her other teeth were loose. She had cuts on her lips, her tongue and the inside of her mouth.

Liu Dan had stomach bleeding and a damaged esophagus as a result of the forced-feedings. Even in such a condition, she was still force-fed with a nasal tube. Once, a nurse named Liu Ying tried to insert a nasal tube to force-feed her. Ms. Liu vomited the food and gastric juices. The next day, another nurse surnamed Zhou tried to use the nasal tube again. Liu Dan refused to cooperate. The nasal tube went in through her nose and came out of her mouth five or six times. It was almost inserted into her windpipe. The tube was covered with blood, which dripped onto her clothes. However, they still refused to stop. Another nurse, Wang, tried to insert the tube into the other nostril that was not yet injured, which only resulted in drawing out a half syringe of blood from her stomach.

4. Sentenced for four years in prison

Because of Liu Dan’s poor physical condition, she was sent back home from the labor camp. However, on January 12, 2006, while she was still very weak and unable to walk, the Jixi City police broke into her home, wrapped her with a blanket and carried her downstairs, and took her to the Jikuan District Court. On January 13, Ms. Liu was sentenced to four years in prison. Because of her poor health, she was not immediately sent to prison, but was monitored 24 hours a day at home.

5. Suffering inhuman torture in Heilongjiang Women’s Prison

In March 2006, Liu Dan was sent to Heilongjiang Women’s Prison.

For 20 days, from November 29 to December 9, 2006, Liu Dan suffered inhuman torture. At that time, she was very weak and was held in Room 302 of the prison hospital. Inmates Zhao Li, Zhang Fangqing, Zhou Fengli and Xiu Shufen were involved in torturing Ms. Liu. Zhao Li and Zhou Fengli dragged her from the bed and forced her to sit up straight on the floor in one position without moving for a long time. Liu Dan refused to do so and called out loudly, “Falun Dafa is good!” Zhao Li and Zhou Fengli sealed her mouth with tape. They tied Liu Dan’s hands behind her back in the “carrying a sword on the back” position, with one hand pulled from the top over her shoulder and the other one from the bottom. She was unable to handle this torture in her weakened physical condition and suffered a heart attack. She lost consciousness and became incontinent.

On the morning of December 2, Zhang Fangqing mentioned to Zhao Li that the prison director and the deputy director were in Room 303, which was just across the hallway. Liu Dan cried out loudly, hoping to get help. Zhang Fangqing, Zhao Li and Zhou Fengli were afraid that their crimes would be exposed, so they sealed Liu Dan’s mouth and became more vicious in torturing her. They tied her hands behind her back and then hung her from the edge of the bunk bed, in a position in which she was unable to stand or squat. Zhang Fangqing pulled some hair from Liu Dan’s head and twisted them into a string. She inserted it into Liu Dan’s nose and her ears to torment her. Since then, every day, they would torture her – by dragging her from the bed, kick and beat her, step on her bare feet, twisting her hands and hanging her up. Once, Liu Dan vomited while being hung up. Zhao Li picked up the vomit with paper and smeared it on Liu Dan’s face, neck and ears. Zhao Li even smeared the vomit on her socks and then stuffed them into her mouth.

Ms. Liu Dan has staged several hunger strikes to protest the unlawful imprisonment and torture over these past three years. She had symptoms of heart disease. She is very weak and often has chest pain and difficulty breathing. Please help Liu Dan get out of this evil place as soon as possible.

July 22, 2009

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