Shen Yun Performing Arts: “The Spiritual Roots of China”

( Mr. and Mrs. Doucette and their extended family joined the enthusiastic audience welcoming Shen Yun Performing Arts to Maine as it graced the stage at Portland’s Merrill Auditorium on Saturday, September 19. Mr. Doucette said it was an excellent performance. “I enjoyed it very, very much!”

Mrs. Doucette added: “The costuming and the lighting were spectacular. The drummers and the singers–oh my–wonderful!”

Mr. and Mrs. Doucette and their extended family

Drums played an integral part in ancient China’s rich culture. “It was awesome!” exclaimed one young male relative, commenting on the drum performances. Another boy agreed, “I liked the drums a lot. It was awesome!”

Referring to the performance, Knowing the True Picture Offers Ultimate Hope, one young lady said, “I liked the end performance.” In this piece, cosmic and earthly merge in a powerful vision of renewal, calling on people to discern the truth of affairs so that they may have hope of being saved by the divine.

The grandmother said, “I just had a wonderful evening!”

Another family member joined in, adding, “I would just say that it was very beautiful and very spiritual. I loved the spiritual roots of China and how the deep part of China–the spiritual part of it, it’s beautiful.”

It was the first time that any of the family members had seen classical Chinese dance and music and they all thoroughly enjoyed it. One family member emphatically stated, “It was a beautiful mixture of music and dance!”

Mrs. Doucette said that the family would recommend others see Shen Yun. “Oh, we shall tell everybody!” she said.

Posting date: 9/21/2009
Category: Reports on Shen Yun


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