“Progress” According to the Chinese Communist Party

By Ou Yangfei

(Clearwisdom.net) Some Chinese people have questions such as, “The CCP is changing for the better. Why is it necessary to disintegrate it and increase the tension between the CCP and Falun Gong?”, “The CCP has tightened restrictions on organ transplants. Why is it necessary to continue bringing up this issue?”, and “The CCP has relaxed its control on religion. More people are joining different religions now. Why do you continue to complain about not having religious freedom and still want to disintegrate the CCP?”

First, we must realize that there is no conflict between the so-called “progress” brought about by the CCP and the need to disintegrate it. The CCP has not once attempted to make any “progress” on its own initiative. It only came about when its wickedness is being exposed or because of international pressure. Also, the objective of any change made by the CCP is to preserve its own power and control instead of creating a better life for the Chinese people. As citizens, exposing it’s wickedness is the only thing we can do to bring about real progress. It is illogical to use the “progress” made as a justification for stopping “exposition of wickedness”.

Secondly, anything that affects the CCP’s control is not permitted. For example, independent news reporting and freedom of the press are not allowed. The CCP’s insistence on atheism will never change. Any claims that do not allow independent verification are meaningless. Thus, the so-called “progress” made by the CCP isn’t sincere when independent cross-checking is not allowed. For example, although the CCP has set up stricter regulations on organ transplants, it doesn’t allow international organizations to conduct any independent investigation. Instead, we have to rely on the CCP to regulate itself, which clearly doesn’t mean much.

Recently, Professor Sun Yanjun of Normal University in Beijing indicated that the CCP has been trying to make all religions conform to its socialist system. The plan is to use religious psychology to control, manage, and suppress religious groups. Thus, any freedom given to the public is not because the CCP has any respect for religious freedom, but rather it is tying to find a new way to control religion. It has decided that allowing religions to operate underground is not as good as letting them exist, but under the control of CCP. For instance, letting atheists (appointed by the CCP) direct the activities of all religions. Indeed, this is a better way to destroy all religions.

While voicing against persecution, Falun Gong practitioners have recognized the wicked nature of the CCP and have completely abandoned any notion that the CCP will improve. The only way to stop the persecution is to disintegrate the CCP. As long as the CCP exists, it will use lies and hypocrisy to poison people’s mind.
Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2009/5/9/200474.html

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