The Origin of Predestined Relationships


The Origin of Predestined Relationships

Why do we meet?
Certainly for a reason.
Like him for a reason,
Love him for a reason.
Closely linked together,
Who does not envy persons in it?
Why is one parted from another?
Perhaps limited time is up.
Hate him for a reason,
Annoyed by him also for a reason.
Time has come to an end,
Who is not in the illusion?
Enlightening about the relationship and opportunity in hardship,
Kind thought leads to a merciful relationship,
Unable to be done in this life,
Return and continue in the next one.
Thousands of years of kindness or resentment all for a reason,
One awakes from illusion.
All due to something if and when we gather or meet,
Dafa is saving sentient beings in deep meanings.
At last, in this lifetime after thousands of years,
Coming to the human world due to heavenly reasons.
Finally reaching consummation after overcoming numerous barriers and difficulties,
Predestined relationship originates in the Fa, which fulfils everything as it means to be.

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