Communist Regime Officials Receive Karmic Retribution for Persecuting Practitioners

By a Clearwisdom correspondent in China

( Since July 20, 1999, people at every level of the Communist regime have participated in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in order to achieve personal gain and power. However, regardless of who they are, sooner or later, those who take part in persecuting cultivators of the Buddha Fa will be subject to heavenly retribution. The following are a few of the many cases of officials who received retribution as a result of their participation in the persecution.

Village Head Receives Karmic Retribution That Extends to His Family

An Shanpo, head of Beijia Village in Jiacun Town, Wangdou County, Hebei Province, actively participated in the persecution. When practitioners clarified the facts to him, he refused to listen and often brought agents to practitioners’ homes to harass and arrest them. Just before the Beijing Olympics in 2008, he brought a dozen officials from the town government and police station to arrest Ms. Zhou Yanli. Because no one was at home, the officials went out to the fields to look for her. When they found Ms. Zhou, they beat her. Because it had just rained, the ground was muddy and Ms. Zhou was covered in mud. Due to the beating her face was swollen and her body was covered in bruises. She was then taken away and locked up in the Wangdu County Detention Center for three months.

In 2010, 59-year-old An Shanpo had a stroke and half of his body became paralyzed. Then his son was involved in a fatal car accident. Several people were killed and injured and the son had to pay hundreds of thousands of yuan in compensation. An Shanpo died at the end of November 2011.

Only Son of the Head of the Department of Justice Dies in a Car Accident

The Shanxi Province Department of Justice controls the labor camps and prisons where practitioners are persecuted. In April 2008, Wang Shuicheng became head of the Justice Department and assisted the Shanxi Province 610 Office in persecuting practitioners. Even today, he continues to persecute practitioners.

From 2000 to 2003, Wang Shuicheng was head of the Propaganda Department for Yuncheng City. He gave orders to media outlets controlled by the department—such as magazines and TV stations—to deliberately disseminate slander about Falun Gong and knowingly spread lies to the public.

His son died in a car accident at the end of November 2011.

Farm Party Secretary Suffers Retribution for His Evil Deeds

Zhang Jisheng from Tanghai County in Hebei Province was born in 1957. When he became Party secretary of Wunongchang in 2001, he gave orders to persecute practitioners in his jurisdiction, including following and monitoring them, setting up brainwashing sessions, arranging their illegal arrests and detention, and sending them to forced labor camps.

Zhang Jisheng was transferred to another location several years ago. Currently he is the supervisor of the Tanghai County Swampland Management Office. According to reliable sources, when Zhang was Party secretary of Wunongchang, he sold land belonging to the regime and embezzled all the money from the sale. His crime was discovered, and now Zhang has been sentenced to prison for corruption and bribery.

Posting date: 1/19/2012
Category: Evil Provokes Karmic Retribution
Chinese version available at丧失良知迫害法轮功-中共官员遭恶报-250705.html


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