A Past Event: Bloody Scene on Tiananmen Square (Photos)


On February 9, 2007, two fellow practitioners and I went to Tiananmen Square to send forth righteous thoughts. We arrived there at 11:10 in the morning. We circled the square while sending forth righteous thoughts. When it was close to 12:00, the time for global sending forth righteous thoughts, we stood under a light pole to clean our thoughts. Facing us was a lawn and I saw a gentleman sitting there motionless. Because there was still quite a bit distance between us, I didn’t see clearly what he was doing. It was noon and the sky suddenly became cloudy. Out of nowhere police suddenly came towards that gentleman. Soon they pressed him to the ground and showered him with kicks. A police car drove in and the police dragged him to the car and then covered the ground where he was beaten with papers. A while later an ambulance came and the police transferred him from the police car to the ambulance. Then both vehicles drove away. The area was blocked by police and nobody was allowed to get close.

The whole incident lasted only 4-5 minutes.

Three photos: police pressed the gentleman to the ground and kicked him

Two photos: police circled the gentleman while beating him so nobody could see what happened

Police dragged the gentleman to the police car

Police calling for an ambulance

Police transferred the gentleman to the ambulance

After the police left, three plainclothes policemen led two cleaning ladies with water buckets, brooms and mops to clean the bloody scene. One policeman picked the papers that were used to cover the ground and threw them in the trash can which was then stained with the blood from the paper. Another policeman then tried to rub the blood stain off the trash can. The ground was covered with blood. The cleaning ladies washed away the blood with water and mopped the ground. We saw the mops were also stained with blood.

The cleaning ladies kept working to remove the blood and they showed no emotions at all. It is apparent that they’ve been accustomed to the police’s brutality.

Cleaning up the scene

Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2007/2/13/148864.html


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