A Business Owner: “I Have Received the Invitation!”

By a Falun Gong practitioner from Gansu Province, China

(Clearwisdom.net) On February 28, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) court in Huining County, Gansu Province, planned to hold an illegal trial for four Falun Gong practitioners: He Yuhu, Han Xiufang, Jin Yinwu, Feng Caihong. In order to help fellow practitioners who are being persecuted, we went to the area to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to the court.

Invited by Dafa practitioners of Huining County, several practitioners and I drove in a hurry to Huining County on February 27 and settled in a hotel for the night. Unexpectedly, several policemen then suddenly came in and asked to check our IDs, saying that they were ordered to search for Falun Gong practitioners from other areas to prevent them from attending the following day’s court trial. The policemen looked ridiculously uncomfortable, as if they were facing some formidable enemies. It was obvious that they felt guilty for their unrighteous action.

After breakfast on February 28, when several of us were about to leave the hotel, the female owner of the hotel suddenly came in with two colorful sheets in her hand and shouted to us excitedly: “Look! Look! I have received the invitation!” This was followed by a conversation which might make one ponder.

“Who sent you this invitation? You are so excited! What invitation is it?” I asked , looking at the owner’s excited face.

“From Falun Gong. Falun Gong sent this to me!” She answered happily.

“Oh, from Falun Gong? What is it for?” This made us interested.

“Today there is a trial for Falun Gong [practitioners]. I was invited to attend. It’s really unlucky that I have something coming up today and really have no time to go,” said the hotel owner, showing a look of regret.

“ Can you give me the invitation?” I asked as a test.

“This is what Falun Gong sent to me,” the owner said reluctantly. “But, you can go to sit and listen.” Then she continued: “It looks like Falun Gong has indeed been wrongly treated. Why else would they dare to send this to ordinary people? How come we’ve never heard of any invitation sent to ordinary people to attend a trial for any of the CCP’s corrupt officials? After all, Falun Gong is great. They are not afraid of the Party. I have heard that they even invited [defense] lawyers from Beijing.”

“You go first and take a look. If the court allows you to go in, call me. We will then go and listen, too,” I said.

“A martial law is applied around the court. Many policemen are guarding it and do not let people get close. Police said that Falun Gong would ‘kidnap the people!’” said the owner. A hotel attendant close by then added that Falun Gong practitioners have always been peaceful and rational and the so-called “kidnapping people” is just police slandering Falun Gong practitioners.

“It seems that what Falun Gong [practitioners] have said is true. The CCP feels guilty and does not dare let people attend the trial,” the owner said.

“The CCP is crumbling. It’s like a grasshopper in the fall— it won’t be able to jump for very long!” The hotel owner ended the conversation.

Holding the “invitation” the hotel owner gave us and recalling her heartfelt words, we felt very happy. We were also happy for the increasing number of people in the world who have learned the truth. Long before the trial started, practitioners in Huining County had made many good-looking invitations for people to attend the trial and distributed them in various sectors in society. This achieved a very good effect of clarifying the truth.

Posting date: 3/16/2012
Category: Awakening to the Truth
Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2012/3/10/女老板-“我收到邀请函了-”-254062.html


Source – http://clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2012/3/16/132117.html


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