Top Party official Bo Xilai Fired triggers high website hits

By Kan Zhong Guo Staff

Mainland Website Bans Comment Postings

Ever since former Chongqing deputy mayor Wang Lijun fled to the U.S. Consulate seeking political asylum, the future of Chongqing’s Party Secretary Bo Xilai has been one of the hottest topics in and out of mainland China. When Bo was suddenly dismissed from his post on March 15, the news triggered over 2.8 million website hits in less than three hours, however except for some comments on the Chinese media website, most major mainland websites have disabled the ability to post comments.


Then authorities started implementing real identity verification for microblog accounts thus restricting unregistered users, and those who wish to remain anonymous, from posting. Tencent, Sina, Sohu and Netease, the four major microblog domains in China, started this identity validation in Beijing, Guangzhou and other places. New users must provide their ID card number, cellphone numbers and other information in order to register. Since Beijing announced such identity validation in December of last year, many well known bloggers left Sina’s microblog.

While the regime promotes the identity validation system, the protesting voices from all sides have never stopped.

One of the Chinese “Rights Movement” initiators Hu Jun commented that after the dismissal of Bo Xilai, the nightmare of Communist control is still not over. They are all still fiercely fighting each other over power. Hu Jun continues, “Most of the senior officials came out of China’s Cultural Revolution. They were trained by Mao Zedong, and are just mindless screws who fight and kill each other. This is part of the continuing plan of ‘no dissent in the ranks’ whereby any differing ideas will be met with a firm hand. Today Bo Xilai came down. Who will be the next Bo Xilai? Who’s the next Wang Lijun? They should think about how to stop this kind of thing from happening again, instead of focusing on stopping everyone from talking.”

Former Shandong University Professor Sun Wenguang comments, “Microblogs are a popular form of expression in today’s society, so the government has tried everything to control it. The government announces some news, everyone reveals the truth behind it on the microblogs, then authorities censor the news and block the information, so that everyone can only speculate on what is really true.

During the two sessions of the annual National People’s Congress in Beijing, the authorities tightened control over the Internet. Many who dared to speak were banned; posts and accounts

on major forums and micro-blogs were deleted. Some netizens were arrested, fined, or tortured for posting sensitive information.

Hu Jun tried to make a website during the sessions to help petitioners who come to Beijing looking for help from top government officials. His internet was completely cut off. Hu Jun asks, “They have cut off my Internet, don’t allow me to speak, don’t allow me online, this is such a joke; what is the purpose behind all this?

“The regime still can’t escape its eventual doom. The power of democracy doesn’t originate from the few that speak. This is the tide of history, not something a few people can stop, not something a few people can control. They would be better off returning the ruling authority back

to the people, this is what they should do.”

Chinese website reported during the two sessions that the nationality of some National Congress representatives were questioned. According to a report by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, 77% of political commission representatives have a valid foreign visa. Meanwhile 57% of National Congress representatives have a foreign passport. This information caused a storm of criticism when it was posted online. On March 14, the three netizens who were accused of spreading the news were detained and tortured.

Zhao Lianghai, who was imprisoned after trying to sue the company that used chemicals to make milk, adds, “In today’s world when universal values promote free speech, the Communist Party instead uses various reasons and excuses to take away the right to speak. Such actions should be condemned. In reality we all know that when free speech is censored, that’s called a dictatorship.”


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