Americans, Chen Guangcheng May Be Your Trump Card! (Poem)

—to kind-hearted American friends

By Wu Xin
May 4, 2012  Last Updated:
May 5, 2012

Greetings, Yankee friends, don’t feel strange about the way I address you.
Your embassy has let the blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng stay. First, please accept my appreciation.
But I’m not writing this only to express appreciation. I have words in my heart I want to share.

Why is the United States wealthy, strong, and beautiful? Having faith is fundamental to receiving divine blessings.
In a free world, where does freedom lie? Someone has to be the head.
High above, in this advantageous position, the United States has been strong and prosperous until now.

Being advantageous is all right, but you have not done everything perfectly.
The evil party has always scolded “the American imperialists,” the party is a shameless thug.
You have no intention to help it, but once the account is totalled, everyone will be stunned.

War reparations [paid by the Qing Dynasty] were once used to build universities in China; yielding the fruits of future generations.
Yet, the number of students is not small who study overseas and don’t return, their seeds are planted outside China and they are harvested there as well.
Today, the most prestigious of Chinese universities, Tsinghua University, carries the banner of the Communist Party, educating its cadres.

The red camp supports from behind, America’s ally, the Republic of China [Taiwan], throws up both hands.
When you are tricked, it wins; the Republic of China is defeated.
The Chinese Communist Party snuck its way into the United Nations—the United States lost that hand.

I am only telling you the truth; I do not mean to offend America.
There’s one thing I want to state bluntly, the foundation your nation is built on mustn’t be changed.
Today it has been compromised, and there are even those who have forgotten it.

Trapped in desperation, its doors opened; the Chinese Communist Party’s reforms are a forced step.
It desperately hangs on to the evil ideology; the Tiananmen Square massacre adds a debt of blood.
Closed-door talks of human rights is actually a disguise, it actually fears sanctions the most.

Tied up for a long time with the blood squeezed out, skeletons left; knots loosened and sweat over, golden ribbons flowing.
Ages of spiritual teachings place people first, hundreds of millions of hostages stolen as wealth.
The offspring of the Yan Emperor and Huang Emperor are the owners of the land; the evil specter that attaches to the body is the enemy.

You are really serious about anti-terrorism; why not confront it in the face?
80 million innocent people were killed, state prisons are most pervasive.
Red China and North Korea work in conspiracy while the drama in the Middle East is playing out;
Grand gentlemen are played with like baby monkeys.

In order to export the party culture, seductresses are sent out.
Means of a common thief are all used, indecent behavior displayed at the podium.
A sordid merchant deception into the market, to pull you in to do bad things.

The evil party cracks down and suppresses Falun Gong, storms of poisonous lies cascading from the sky.
Harvesting live organs spurs a new business, openly and in secret for over a decade.
Your opposition to the evil party is indeed a credit, but why so careful, not following through.

Coming back to Chen Guangcheng, miraculous escape a gift from Heaven.
Ask the God you pray to in church, is there a man who stands taller than Chen Guangcheng?
If gold is used to measure a person, tell the worth of this precious man.

Goodness is rewarded and evil punished—a strict law of Heaven; Guangcheng’s trip is blessed by God.
The battle between the good and evil in Heaven and on Earth has long started, he is the trump card that can defeat the evil.
He needs a helping hand and lots of protection; one should obey Heaven and eliminate humanity’s enemies.

Heaven eliminates the red demon and the curtain lifts, the global village is the place the drama plays out.
The net is open to save all beings, all beings’ position arranged by Gods.
The divine beings look at people’s heart only, races and nationalities are all unimportant.

The Nine Commentaries and Shen Yun are recommended to see clearly the red demon—the Chinese Communist Party.
The truth spreads all over the world, assisting Heaven in eliminating the evil, the glory is shown.
With the world police reinvigorated, the entire world marches towards a new future.

Wu Xin is a special commentator for the Chinese edition of the Epoch Times.

Read the original Chinese article.


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