The Truth Tour

The Message

We hope to communicate Inspiration, Responsibility and Diversity, as our artists represent all popular musical genres, ethnicities and countries from around the world, a global community using song to combat injustice.

Many of us don’t know about the severe persecution happening in China presently, a holocaust with 36 identifies labor/death camps to those who practice Falun Gong, a mind body practice who’s main tenets are truth compassion and tolerance. Like Nazi Germany, massive propaganda, beginning in 1999, has been used to justify the Chinese Communist Party murderous position to eliminate the practice, in part because of its popularity, despite its own party members acknowledging its benefit to health and character early on.

Just over 5 years ago when I learned about the organ harvesting, including Chinese doctors, hospitals, perpetuated on these kindhearted people, and the CCPs control over the media to suppress this story-I got involved.

The tenants of Falun Gong, a mind-body practice, is to be truthful, compassionate and tolerant, ironically, this has become illegal in China.

I began making a documentary on this subject, focusing on David Matas, a Human rights lawyer nominated for the Nobel Peace prize in 2110 for exposing the crime of the century in his coauthored book, Bloody Harvest.  See

In my research for the documentary, I discovered that there were musicians around the world who had written songs against the persecution- a pop singer in NY, a heavy metal band in Florida, rock n roller from Canada, hip hop/ rapper from DC and a Latino singer from Mexico.

Soon the companion project, Truth Tour, collecting the music for a DVD/CD, was underway, Musicians eager to lend their voices, talent, hearts….

Masha Savitz
Truth Tour Director/Producer

Anders Eriksson

Rise Ascend & DIRECTION

Indira Sarabia

Neshama Carlebach

Sterling Campbell

Kevin Dippold


My Amends



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