[Selected Submission] How a Problem Student Obtained the Fa

(Minghui.org) For several years I was a dormitory teacher in charge of girls’ dormitories. I was in contact with many students there, but one girl impressed me the most.

Problem Student

In 2005, I got to know a student from the medical class. She came from a county town where her family had opened a restaurant. Her parents were busy with the restaurant business and had no time to look after her. She didn’t listen to her parents either. After she finished middle school, her parents sent her to our school so the teachers could watch over her, because her parents worried that she would pick up bad habits when she entered into society.

Her family was quite wealthy and indulged her, so she was very fat. She was about 90 kilos (198 pounds) and 161 cm (5’3”) in height. She was younger than her classmates, so they nicknamed her “Little Fatso.”

She spent money carelessly, made some party friends, and mostly associated with her little group at school. She was often absent and claimed to “be sick” when teachers disciplined her. She spent a lot of time in the school clinic. She fought and argued with other students. She also had some close male friends that she smoked and drank with. Sometimes she broke glass with her fists and bloodied her hands just for the excitement. She loved to wear ragged clothes and skeleton head pieces. She was degenerate morally and in everyday life.

The head teacher could do nothing to change her and almost gave up on her. When dormitory teachers asked for students to help manage the dormitories, she applied, but her behavior disqualified her. There were requirements for the position, and not everyone met the qualifications. At the very least the students had to at least have enthusiasm and management abilities and a good reputation. They had to be role models, and students would need to listen to them. I worried that she would lead students astray if she got the position, so I didn’t agree to let her come and help. The other teacher who shared the duty with me didn’t accept her either, but she insisted she would like to help and begged us sincerely several times.

I started to wonder why she insisted so much. Was it because she was predestined and wanted to obtain the Fa? I understand through practicing Dafa that everyone in this world came for the Fa. In the end, she was allowed with certain conditions. When I was on duty, she helped me to manage the dormitories. The other teacher chose a different student.

I gave her three requirements: first, behave; second, try her best to get rid of her shortcomings and bad habits; third, be willing to serve other students. She agreed. At the start she tried to comply with the three requirements because she was afraid that I would not hire her if she didn’t do well. But as time went on, she slacked off and didn’t meet the standards. She felt it was very difficult to follow the requirements because she was not used to anyone else telling her what to do.

She Obtained the Fa

One day she came back to the dormitory unexpectedly. She noticed that I was reading an electronic book and asked me what it was. I told her that I was reading the Falun Dafa book and told her what Falun Dafa is. She was very interested and insisted on reading it herself as well, but I hesitated because the evil Party still persecutes Dafa. On the one hand I wanted her to benefit from Dafa. On the other hand, I was afraid that she and I would be persecuted if we were discovered because I was on the black list in the Education Bureau, and was persecuted before for being a Falun Dafa practitioner. So we made an agreement: When I was on duty, we would study the Falun Dafa books together after we finished our work and do one or two of the exercises every day.

This arrangement worked well for a while. After some time, I noticed subtle changes in her. She used to sprain her ankle easily. Once her ankle was sprained, it swelled up and she had to put medicine on it, then it would take one week to recover. After she started to practice Falun Gong, it didn’t happen often. Occasionally when she did sprain her ankle, she would instantly recover after she recited “Falun Dafa is good.” Due to her excessive eating and drinking, she had serious stomach problems, but she recovered from them as well. She could attend sports class again due to loss of weight. She could conduct herself according to the principles of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. She rectified her bad habits and shortcomings according to the Fa. At school, apart from doing her own work well, she managed the dormitory building well, saving me worry. She did a lot of good deeds, such as returning lost money and helping other students in the building. When she was in conflict with teachers or students, instead of scolding them or looking like she was ready to fight or argue, she would step back and look within. She would think from the other person’s perspective and consider others first. When she learned that teachers or other students were having difficulties, she would go help them and make good suggestions. The teachers and students were surprised and wondered how such a good change came about. Whenever someone asked her, she would tell them frankly that it was because she practiced Falun Gong.

So teachers and students changed their view of her. At about 11 p.m. one night, the toilet on the second floor got stopped up. Sewage ran down the stairways. She hadn’t gone to bed yet, so she helped the teacher organize students to clean up the dirty water. She worked very hard and was drenched but never complained.

One night after the dormitory lights had been switched off, she noticed that one student was not in her room. She found her on the balcony on the third floor, cutting her wrist with a knife. The student had bled, but was found in time. She patiently persuaded her to go to the teacher’s room and asked the teacher to talk to her. With her help, the student gave up the thought of suicide and cheered up. In order to express her thanks, she bought two big watermelons and brought them to us. We declined her with thanks (“Fatso” often asked for food from students before she practiced Falun Gong) and told her to bring them back to her dormitory room and share them with her roommates.

Because “Little Fatso” managed the dormitory so well, the dormitory won the “Best-Behaved Dormitory” award. The teachers and students all respected her.

The teacher of the other dormitory wanted to recruit her and work with her. She went to see her privately. The teacher told her not to work with me, because I practiced Falun Gong and asked her not to be in close contact with me to avoid ever being implicated. Little Fatso didn’t tell me because she worried that I would get upset.

A week later I noticed that she was not doing well. She slacked off in studying the Fa, in managing the building, and in reading her books. She became cold towards me and kept a distance from me. But I kept being good to her and made a greeting card for her. On one page of the card was a greeting for the new year and the other page was a painting of plum flowers with the words: “Why Refuse?” After seeing the card, she could no longer hold back and spoke to me. She cried and apologized to me and to Master. After the incident, she was more determined in learning Dafa. She bought an MP3 for doing the exercises and studying the Fa. She told her classmates and family members about Dafa principles and the truth of Falun Gong so that they could benefit from Dafa.

She Finally Entered University; Witness Said Only Falun Gong Can Change Her

After she obtained the Fa, Little Fatso respected her parents at home and helped them with the family business. Her parents no longer worried about her. When they asked her why she had changed for the better, she said that she had studied Dafa and Dafa had taught her that no matter where you are, you must be a good person and should be good especially to your parents. Her parents were previously influenced by the CCP’s propaganda and didn’t hold a good view of Dafa. Now they were so glad to see the miraculous changes in her and understood that the CCP had lied about Dafa. They supported their daughter in practicing Falun Gong and only reminded her to be careful.

One day her father came looking for me when he came to the school to pick up his daughter on a school holiday. He said, “Thank you! You have spent a lot of time with my daughter!” I said, “Don’t thank me. That’s because your daughter has a predestined relationship with Dafa. You should thank Mr. Li Hongzhi.” He said, “Yes. But please protect yourself.” I said, “Rest easy. Good people are needed everywhere.”

The teachers all knew she had changed for the better. The teachers in the Political and Education Department were in charge of managing students and knew very well of how hard it was to manage students. One day when talking about how to manage students well with the director and his wife (our colleague as well) from my department, they mentioned this student. They were touched and said, “Only Falun Gong could make her behave; if every student learned Falun Gong, then we would have an easy job.” Her head teacher was also satisfied with her. Her teachers no longer worried about her and she had a good reputation in her class as well.

Her classmates said that she had changed fundamentally. Many students were influenced by her, behaved better, and were more at ease. She influenced her previous little group as well, and they had underwent big changes. After that, her classmates nicknamed her “Little Fatso Sister.” Students came to have their photographs taken with her at the end of school.

Even more miraculous was that Udumbara flowers blossomed on the window opposite her seat. She realized that it was an encouragement for her cultivation. She believed more that her choice to practice Falun Dafa was a right one.

Even though the evil CCP is still madly persecuting Dafa practitioners, this is the true story of a “problem student” making huge improvements after she practiced Falun Dafa and her influence on those around her. One thing is for sure, that if the Jiang regime didn’t persecute Dafa, there would be many more people practicing Dafa. Falun Dafa is a high-level cultivation of the Buddha School that benefits the state and its people, and many more people will benefit from Dafa.

From the Call for Submissions to Commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary of Falun Dafa’s Introduction


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