Reflections on Cultivation: Searching In This Life for Dafa

August 08, 2012 | By a Western practitioner in Australia

( Greetings Benevolent and Righteous Master,

Master said,

“The enlightenment that we actually refer to is a matter of whether in the course of cultivation practice one can enlighten to and accept the Fa taught by the Master or the Tao taught by the Taoist master, whether one can treat oneself as a practitioner upon encountering tribulations, and whether one can adhere to the Fa while practicing cultivation.” (Zhuan Falun)

I began cultivating Falun Dafa in 2002, and after ten years in a remote small town in Australia I came to understand how to cultivate by firmly believing in everything Master Li imparts to us.

Obtaining the Fa

Divorced with four children and still searching for my way home, Master arranged for a martial arts teacher who had learned the Falun Gong exercises to come to my small town in Australia in 2002. Even though the martial arts teacher encouraged me to learn these exercises it took me another four months before I went to learn.

After doing the exercises just three times, I knew that this was what I had been searching for all my life. I sincerely devoted myself to the path of Dafa. That same day I began to read Zhuan Falun for the first time and the miracles began to happen one after another. I floated up off the bed one night. I could see out the back of my head and other parts of my body, and I could hear other people’s thoughts. I saw the big eye looking inside at me, and knew it was my eye. I also stopped drinking alcohol immediately, and also quickly gave up the attachment to meat. I know that these experiences were Master encouraging me and reminding me that this is what I had been searching for lifetime after lifetime.

I had also suffered from endometriosis for five years, often passing out from the pain, and being unable to walk or work. There is no cure for this disease other than to have a hysterectomy and take hormones for the rest of one’s life. Yet I was completely cured after a few years of cultivating my mind and heart. I realized that I had immense karma to repay over the many lifetimes, so the suffering was intense but I never took any drugs or sought help. I endured so as to pay back what I had wrongly done.

I once asked my husband to copy Master’s video lectures for me. He hooked up two video machines together and turned on the TV to start copying. On the screen, Master was doing the big hand signs and I understood what he was saying and cried tears of joy. I think this was the moment that my Buddha-nature emerged.

“So, once somebody wants to cultivate, they’d say his Buddha-nature has come out. That thought is the most precious, because he wants to return to his original, true self, he wants to break out of this level of ordinary people.” (Zhuan Falun)

Then my husband asked me to come over to the TV. He showed me that both video machines were not connected up to the TV yet Master’s video was appearing on the screen. He was very perplexed and I said to him, “This miracle is for you. I’ve already had my miracle.”

Rectifying a Family Divorce

Before obtaining the Fa, I went through a divorce. What ensued were five years of family court cases. One day I had the chance to clarify the facts to the judge and solicitors in the court, as the father of our children in his pain started repeating Chinese Communist propaganda about Falun Gong. I talked for about thirty minutes and the judge sincerely thanked me. After that the father was never taken seriously in court again so the court cases stopped.

The father developed Bells Palsy on the right side of his face and my compassion developed for him. I gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun to read. Within six months his face was back to normal and now we can all sit around the table together talking about Falun Gong with no bad thoughts interfering at all!

Clarifying the Facts to Politicians

I have clarified the facts about the persecution to many politicians around my area and in Western Australia. One local federal politician was very supportive when the organ harvesting news broke. When the then- vice-president of the European Parliament, Edward McMillan Scott, and former Canadian MP David Kilgour came to our parliament in Canberra in 2007, the federal politicians snubbed them. But this supportive politician down in the southwest helped in many ways to make their visit a success. When we first met he looked very old and had a limp with a very sagging face, but the next time I saw him his limp had gone and he looked twenty years younger.

Recently, a practitioner and I sent copies of Minghui International, Issue 1: Falun Gong and Why it Matters to all the government Shires in the southwest of Western Australia and in Perth. At first I was quite daunted at gathering all their addresses, as there were at least 500 to send out. I set my thinking right and with in one minute I received an email with all the addresses of the state and federal and local politicians in Western Australia. The email came from a non-related campaign wanting the public to sign a petition and send to all the politicians in WA. I thanked Master for speeding up this process as by the end of the week we had sent them all out with a cover letter.

Helping Non-Practitioners See that Falun Gong is Great

We recently had to move from our house and the landlord was very aggressive and demanding that we clean the building to his requirements, even though a lot of it was unrealistic and came under general wear and tear. The real estate lady was worried and thought that this was going to be very hard for her. I decided to do whatever the landlord asked us to do.

At the end of the move when she inspected with the landlord they were both very touched at how we had done such a perfect job. We went over and above what we had to do. She said to me, “You are such a good person, and when that man was so mean yet you still did more than you had to.” I explained to her that I saw the landlord was in a tight position owning two houses and none could sell. So he was only being aggressive because he was worried for his family. As a Falun Gong practitioner, I needed to see things from his perspective.

Today at this point in cultivation, I see every tribulation as a heavenly gift to help us improve to fulfill our great missions and vows. We have Master, so we can do everything well. Heshi!


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