The Truth Opens Up the Human Heart

October 09, 2012 | By a practitioner in China

( I met Ms. A through a friend on a hot afternoon over a year ago. Ms. A’s shirt and pants were wrinkled and sweaty, her hair was cut short, and she talked loudly. My friend suggested that Ms. A give me her business card. Ms. A reached into her pants pocket and handed me a worn and damp business card. To be honest, I didn’t want to take the card, but I took it from her out of politeness. My friend said frankly, “Come on, don’t give her a sweaty card.” Ms. A laughed and said, “Sorry, this is the only one I have.”

During the few interactions I had with Ms. A, I learned about her drinking and gambling habits. She was wealthy, having a net worth of several million yuan, and came in contact with many undesirable elements in the big city. Nevertheless, our predestined relationship brought us together and I wanted to tell her the facts about Dafa.

Whenever I talked about Falun Gong to Ms. A, she would lose patience with me and refuse to listen. She contradicted me and was rude. Ms. A even called me late at night and harassed me when she was drunk. Ms. A called my friend and blamed her for introducing her to a psycho, referring to me. Ms. A also said a lot of unkind things about me to my friend. My friend was very upset at Ms. A and scolded her. Later, my friend also criticized me, and told me not to talk about Falun Gong to Ms. A. She said that Ms. A was a little bit paranoid, and advised me not to talk about anything except business to her. She also warned me to pay attention to my own safety. My friend comforted me by saying, “Don’t be afraid of her, she can’t harm you in this big city.”

I met the friend who introduced me to Ms. A two years ago. Based on each of our financial situations, educational backgrounds, status in society, personalities, etc., it was almost impossible for us to meet. Even less likely was the chance that we would become friends. She is not well educated but she started to find her way up in society when she was a teenager. She has a net worth of tens of million yuan, drives expensive cars, and lives in a luxury apartment. She is very attractive and dresses in the latest fashions. After years of being a part of high society, she had many bad habits, including smoking, drinking, and cursing. She has had many different kinds of employment too. First she started working part-time, then in a restaurant, as well as trading stocks, managing funds, and real state. She has also made many friends from doing different kinds of work.

According to everyone around me, I am an “extremely civil lady,” the typical image of a college professor. Because I have persisted in cultivation, I have been persecuted many times by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I lost a very good job and became homeless, and today live an impoverished life.

However, as fate would have it, two completely different people ended up living in the same room for nearly three months. Starting as complete strangers, we gradually got to know each other and eventually became very good friends.

I didn’t tell this friend that I was a Dafa practitioner at the beginning. I would do the sitting meditation and send forth righteous thoughts at night. After we got to know each other better, I started to tell her the facts about Falun Gong, but she resisted and refused to listen. She said, “Don’t practice anymore, or you will become a psychiatric patient like those people on TV.” I asked her if I looked abnormal. She said, “No, but you might become like that if you practice for too long.” I told her that would not happen because I had been practicing Falun Gong for over ten years. She was very surprised, and she said that she thought that I had been practicing for only a year. I knew what she was implying. She wondered why I had not gone crazy after practicing for so many years. After our visit, she still didn’t want to hear the truth.

One night about a month before I moved out, we were talking, and I felt this enormous compassion and pity toward her. I told her sincerely, “I am going to leave soon and I worry about you. Remember what I have told you. When you encounter difficult and life threatening emergencies, you must remember to say, ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are good’.” As I was talking, I felt like I had infused all of my compassion into my words.

While she was listening to me, she was sitting on the bed. When I finished, she all of a sudden brought her legs up on the bed and tried to sit cross-legged. She closed her eyes, put her hands in jie-yin position, and chanted continuously, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are good…” Her abrupt actions surprised me. I asked her what was happening. She ignored me and chanted the phrase for over a minute. She opened her eyes and had a fresh look about her. She looked around the room and didn’t say anything. She closed her eyes again and continued chanting, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are good…” After two minutes, she opened her eyes, and it looked as if she did not recognize anything. She looked around with curiosity and then looked at me, then the room, and then shook her head. She finally spoke, “Do you know what? It’s like a miracle! I was having a very bad headache before I chanted ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are good’. I listened to you and now my head no longer hurts. It’s a miracle!” After that, she knew that Falun Dafa was good. She once even shouted the words loudly on the street while we were walking.

She often looked out for me after I moved away. I don’t have much experience in the ways of the world and she helped me. When I needed a representative for a business matter, she worried that I might get cheated, so she introduced me to Ms. A. She knew Ms. A well and Ms. A’s fees were lower than others.

However, things did not go well with Ms. A, so I stopped the business relationship. I still thought about her at times and felt very sorry about what happened.

By chance Ms. A and I began working together again. This time, everything went surprisingly smooth, and we also became friends during the process. Toward the end of this businesses affair, I took her out for dinner. She had constant strife in her personal and business life. Her relationships with those around her were very bad. She had no one to talk to, and she decided that she was going to leave the city. Because I practiced Dafa, my quick and easily irritable temperament had changed. I gradually became a patient person and willingly listened to others. Also, because of the compassion I cultivated from Dafa, she considered me a very nice and trustworthy person, so she then told me everything that was on her mind.

However, Ms. A’s mood changed when I started to tell her about Falun Gong. She would not look at nor listen to me, and she said unkind things to stop me from talking. She said that I could talk about anything but Falun Gong. I didn’t want to give up on her. I made several attempts later on, but she rejected them the same way. Eventually, I thought, “Forget it. I give up. I can’t force her. I can only leave a good impression of what a Dafa disciple is. As for saving her, she might meet other Dafa disciples in other cities.” But I could not let go of the thought of saving her. I thought, “But what if she doesn’t meet other Dafa disciples? What if this is her last chance?” The moment that thought flashed through my mind, I was extremely saddened. I looked at her without saying a word. I continuously sent righteous thoughts toward her. At the same time, I asked Master in my heart, “Master, what shall I do? How can I save her? I am begging Master to give me wisdom!”

Ms. A is a Buddhist believer. She believes in a particular divine being, who she thought had helped her a lot. I suddenly had an idea. I asked her, “If you were walking on the street holding that being’s statue and someone tried to take it away from you, would you protect it?” She said, “I would.” I asked her again, “If someone didn’t know about it and slandered it, but you knew the slander was not true because you benefited from it, would you say something about it?” She said firmly, “I sure would.” I then said, “That’s right, please use the same logic to see what I am saying from my point of view. I have practiced Dafa for many years and benefited from it. I know my Master is right and Dafa is good. If other people slander my Master and Dafa, is it wrong that I speak out the truth?” She listened to what I said and replied, “You are right.” After that, she was willing to listen to me talk about Falun Gong.

During the next few hours, she asked a lot of questions about my life and cultivation. I used what I had enlightened to from Dafa to guide and comfort her. I told her, “Those are my understandings from Master’s Fa.” I also recited some of Master’s Fa. I thought letting her hear Master’s Fa, even just a few sentences, would benefit her. She thought what I had said made very good sense and she had a better understanding of Dafa.

Ms. A realized that she was wrong and apologized to me many times. She said she was very sorry about calling me a “psycho” in the past. She sincerely told me this several times, “I truly hope you will not be harmed, nor your fellow practitioners, and that your Master will not be harmed either. I sincerely wish for you all to be safe, and that all of you stay well.”

After Ms. A left this city, she called me a few times to tell me, “I ask forgiveness from you and your Master. I didn’t know you at the beginning and should not have said what I said. I will not do that again.”

The truth is the key to opening up a sentient being’s heart. When sentient beings understand the truth, all of the lies will lose their footing.


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