Private School Teacher Witnesses the Beauty of Falun Dafa Through His Students

October 17, 2012 | By a practitioner in China

( In 2004 a friend told me about software that enables one to connect to all websites and news from abroad, including websites about Falun Dafa. I was stunned when I heard about this and immediately installed the software on my computer. I read all the articles written by Master Li and some articles about practitioners’ cultivation experiences. I then started on my path of cultivation practice and participation in Fa-Rectification. I also was able to realize how extraordinary Dafa is.

Master Encourages My Daughter

I had already started to practice Falun Dafa when my daughter began junior high school, so she meditated and studied the Fa with me every day in addition to doing her homework. Due to a great love for Dafa, many wonderful things happened to her. After devoting herself to learning Dafa, she earned the highest grade in almost every exam she took. This really surprised her classmates, teachers, and the principal. In the following two years, after each exam, the teachers and classmates only paid attention to who ranked second. It was interesting that she scored only 0.5-3 points higher than that of the second-ranking student every time. Her grades could not be explained by probability or coincidence. It could only be explained by the mystery of Dafa.

My daughter also won first prize in the city composition competition and first prize in the school English speech competition. I also need to mention that another first prize winner was one of her cousins, who is also a Dafa practitioner. All the honors my child earned were encouragement from Master so that we could witness the magic and greatness of Dafa, and for us to become more firm in our belief in Dafa and Master.

My Career Change

After beginning cultivation, I gave up the business that I had run for years. I became self employed as a private school teacher. I felt that this career change would help me combine my cultivation with saving people. All the wonders that I have seen as I have taught have helped me bear witness to the excellence and greatness of Dafa.

My way of teaching is nothing special. I live and eat with the kids and teach them in a family environment. I wanted to save the kids guided by Dafa. It would have been very difficult to save the kids if I didn’t live with them and, instead, let them remain exposed to the poisonous world controlled by the Chinese Community Party (CCP). To do this, I persuaded the parents that, in order to provide excellent learning opportunities, having the students live with me was the only way to go.

“Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” Is the Mission of My School

I have taught many students since opening my school. Many of these students were regarded as incorrigible, and their parents and other teachers had no idea how to handle them. As a last resort their parents sent their kids to my school. I can say that these kids could not be disciplined by normal ways and methods unless influenced by the power of Dafa. Their parents were wealthy, but not necessarily well educated, and they did not possess a basic knowledge of psychology. Since they grew up in a country dominated by the CCP, they did not realize how abnormal their kids’ minds had become. The parents only saw that their kids were not performing well in their studies and sent them me. The kids ranked last among hundreds or thousands of students in their schools. They came from different schools, but their ranks were similar.

I followed the standards of Dafa and treated all my students kindly. I never picked on them. I admitted all the students who were sent to my school. I can teach any student, because I believe that Dafa can change anything. Master has told us that everyone is coming to obtain Dafa. I believe that once they are in the environment of Dafa, they will be changed. All the students who came to my school quit the CCP and they all obtained Dafa here. They meditate for at least one and a half hours every day.

The happiest time of the day was when we finished our schoolwork and sat down with our legs crossed to read Zhuan Falun or other articles. During that time, we all felt Master’s infinite mercy. After a few months, it was obvious that the kids had all progressed in their studies. As time went by, they made great advancements in learning. Parents who were not aware of Falun Dafa were amazed at the improvements in their children’s education.

This is how I teach the children in my school:

My students are divided into two groups. One group can keep up with the lessons at their own school. They go to school during the day and come to my place in the evening. The other group are the students who cannot keep up with their lessons at school. They stay with me the whole day, and I teach them personally. My students range from 5th grade in elementary school to juniors in high school. Considering the safety factor, I don’t hire any other teachers. I teach all the students their different subjects, including math, physics, chemistry, Chinese, English, history, geography, biology, etc., at different levels. I am about 50 years old and should not have so much knowledge even if I was good in school when I was young. I have to be able to answer all the questions in each course, even though I may never have taken the course myself. However, the answers to questions and the knowledge required will come to mind immediately, which will help me solve any problem quickly and correctly. My knowledge of the courses and the techniques that I use surpass those taught by professional teachers. This helps the students understand and master the concepts better if they are not explained thoroughly at school. From the point of everyday people, it is a wonder I am able to do all of this using my own energy and knowledge. They can’t understand this kind of ability and can only be surprised by it. I know that all these abilities and wisdom are from Dafa and that it cannot be explained by normal concepts. When I am alone, I am in awe and often feel very grateful to Master. The magic of Falun Dafa has been confirmed for me many times. Even the kids were shocked at first. Later on, they understood that if they believed in Dafa, they would be wise and understand the meaning of “wisdom gifted by Master.” Thus, all the kids are creating their own wonder. This is the result of their belief in Master and Dafa. I want to tell everyone to believe in and respect Dafa and you too will indeed be blessed!

Below are two examples of the progress made by children at my school. These examples are not unusual in a Dafa environment, but may be considered quite amazing in other places. (The names that I use are pseudonyms.)

The Story of Haohao

Haohao, at 13 years old, should have been ready to enter his second year in junior high school when I first met him. However, he could not even write the complete alphabet. He scored only a 12 out of 100 in one multiple choice exam in his English class. His math score was 36. He ranked last among all the students. When I first saw him, I was almost in tears. He was misshapen, with a large head and a small body. He weighed only 25kg. His parents never mentioned his condition to me earlier and only hoped that I could help him with his studies.

After quitting the CCP and studying Dafa for about two and a half months, this boy’s math exam score increased from 36 to 96 and he was now ranked 3rd in his grade. His English exam score increased from 12 to 78. Formerly he was ranked 50th among all students at school. From then on, he ranked quite high in his grade in math and physics. In just two months, Haohao not only improved a great deal in his academics, but also in other areas. His weight increased from 25kg to 50kg, at a rate of 0.5 kg every day! He was no longer a behavior problem at school. Previously, he often used the money from his parents to bribe higher grade classmates to beat other classmates, sometimes to even bully his teacher.  Some teachers were afraid of him. Before he came to me, he was asked to drop out of school several times. A boy abandoned by society and with low self-esteem totally changed. He is now healthy, strong in body, optimistic, and polite.

The Story of Dongdong

Another boy, Dongdong, was in his third year in high school and preparing for the national college entrance exam. Because his basic knowledge was not good enough, he only scored 300 out of 750 in the practice exam, ranking among the bottom 15% of all the students. However, Dongdong had great understanding, and within one month, he became a diligent Falun Dafa practitioner.  I made a thorough plan for his studies and cultivation practice. One year later, in his national college entrance exam, he scored 530. Increasing 230 points in one year is impossible for a repeating third level high school student. This is another wonder attributable to Dafa. After he successfully went to college, he became my best assistant to teach and save kids. Summer holidays, winter holidays, or any other holiday, he comes and helps me with the little fellow practitioners. All the kids respect him as much as they respect me and regard him as a great academic achiever.

One time, I left for about a month. This young practitioner at the age of 20 was in charge of the lives of ten little practitioners. He led the kids to study and learn Dafa and was not lax for even one day. In mainland China, young people his age are still unreliable and depend on their parents a great deal. Every time I think about this young man, I feel moved and grateful to Master. Only Dafa can bring about such things in this world. So far, Dongdong has encouraged about ten people to quit the CCP.

Most of the parents who sent their kids to me know how I teach. They know that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Facts speak louder than words. They see with their own eyes that, whatever the difficulties the children came to the school with, they are now walking on a new path of life.


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