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Dark Secrets Behind Flashy Merchandise – Slave Labor Products by Sichuan Province Women’s Prison (Part 3)

October 17, 2013 | By a Falun Gong practitioner from Sichuan Province

( (Continued from Part 2: )

Yue Embroidery

All the sketches shown in the photos are Yue embroidery designs.

Are these embroidery designs not pleasant to the eyes? Certainly, silk bed covers embroidered with these designs, using colorful silk threads, are appealing. At a bargain price, who wouldn’t buy them? After all, it is quite unlikely that anyone would even dream that behind these colorful products with their intricate designs are heartbreaking stories.

Additional patterns:

Seventy individual patterns are combined and embroidered on bedcovers by Falun Gong practitioners and other inmates. Yet, they are not paid.

For certain, these embroidered products are elegant and to be admired. However, before becoming delighted by the bargain price one should ask, “Under what circumstances were these products produced?”

Embroidered products are desirable if produced by a willing workforce, but for prisoners who are persecuted for their faith, producing these products is an agonizing process full of suffering. These prisoners are forced to produce large quantities and given a untenable quota. Besides there are deadlines that are very difficult to be met.

The workers are given the bare minimum of raw materials. Any faulty embroidery is cut off and redone. Anyone who doesn’t meet the deadline and quota is subjected to physical punishment and torture. Many relatively rich inmates are paying skilled inmates to do the work and in some cases they bribe prison guards to get a free pass.

When working on embroideries, inmates have to remain in a fixed position for a long period of time with no break. This is devastating to their health. In addition, they are allowed only a short time for eating and restroom visits. Besides, any time away from work has to be approved by a prison guards.

Producing these embroidered products is heartbreaking work. Sitting there and embroidering all day long is already difficult, but the worst is the fear that they may be punished if they don’t meet quotas and deadlines.

It is hard to imagine that these people have to work despite suffering back pain. Also, many develop poor eyesight due to the dim light in the workshop, which doesn’t get better when transferred to other jobs.

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Lambs to Slaughter

Check out this song regarding the forced organ harvesting of innocent people in China. This is happening in hundreds of hospitals in China, offering less than 2wks waiting time for an organ transplant from the time of inquiry. Lambs to slaughter. Made to order.

Published on Jul 24, 2013

The first single off Belle’s upcoming album, “Speck of Dust”, “Lambs to Slaughter” takes on the confronting human rights issue of forced organ removals from living prisoners of conscience in China with hard-hitting lyrics and a stunning synthesized soundscape over an R&B groove.

“Lambs to Slaughter” is co-written with Sterling Campbell (David Bowie and B-52’s) and features guest emcee, Rise Ascend (f/k/a Ankh Amen Ra). Belle’s uplifting music is rich with folk melodies blended with eclectic sounds over driving beats. Within her deep, sweeping vocals you can hear resonances of Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and Alanis Morissette. “Belle’s soothing voice brings awareness to one of the biggest atrocities of this century” – The Epoch Times

More info:
Record Label:


For more information head to

stop organ harvesting in China

Free China Theme Song Music Video: “The Courage to Believe”

Published on Jun 3, 2013

Free China Film Original Song “The Courage to Believe”
For LYRICS, click ‘Show more’ below and visit:

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To watch the movie trailer:

(Chinese, and other language renditions…coming soon!)

Film websites:

Music by Tony Chen
Performed by Q’orianka Kilcher

Lyrics by Kean Wong & Michael Perlman

Executive Producer: Kean Wong
Produced by: Kean Wong, Tony Chen and Michael Perlman


Verse A
Come from our…first breath
Freedom calls…your name
Darkness lies…in wait
Lies turn fear…to hate

Verse B
Silent, feel…the pain
Tear drops in…the flame
Sleepless through…the night
We slave….away

With Courage to Believe…be free
We will hold on…and see
Mother, your shame…hear us

Come…stand for Truth
For Hope…Reclaimed
Till the end…we defend

Step in to…the light
It’s time we now…unite
Voices rise…we pray
We know…the way

With Courage to Believe…be free
We will hold on…and see
Mother, your shame…hear us

Come…stand for Truth
For Hope …Reclaimed
Till the end…we defend

Come…stand for Truth
For Hope…Reclaimed
Till the end…we defend


Engineered and Mixed by Kevin Dippold & Tony Chen

Mastering by Paul Dugre

Additional Mixing by Tyler W. Thurmond
& Olli Törmä

Additional Recording by Dave “Rainman” Banta

Camera: Keith Yuan, Stanley Chen,
Robert Hanson, Yi-Yuan Chang,
Edited by Andrew Moody

Recalling “April 25”

April 29, 2012 | By a Falun Gong practitioner from Beijing

This article was first published in April 2008.

( Nine years ago, on April 25, 1999, in order to appeal for justice for Falun Gong and its practitioners and to ask for an open cultivation environment, around 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners went to peacefully report and clarify the facts to the government in good faith, and requested the government to stop the unfair treatment of practitioners by those who had ulterior motives. This led to the “April 25” incident.

I was a participant and a witness of the “April 25” incident. Although many practitioners have already reported about this incident objectively and truthfully, I still would like to write down my own experience and tell what I saw and heard at that time, and post it on

The Cause of the “April 25” incident

On April 24, 1999, reliable news from Tianjin said that the Public Security Bureau in Tianjin City unlawfully arrested many Falun Gong practitioners under the direction of higher authorities. Earlier, He Zuoxiu published an article entitled “I do not agree with adolescents practicing qigong” in the magazine Science and Technology for Youth in Tianjin. The article used base and shameless means to attack Falun Gong with fabricated stories, slander and false accusations and to vilify Falun Gong and its founder. The magazine is a nationwide publication for primary and high school students. Due to the coercive subscription imposed by administrations at various levels, the magazine has a large distribution. He Zuoxiu’s article was very misleading and had a very adverse impact upon the great number of readers who did not know the facts, and it was especially poisonous to the minds of young people. At the same time, it had brought some very negative effects to Falun Gong. Seeing the adverse situation, many practitioners became very concerned.

I would like to point out that He Zuoxiu’s article had a deep political background and purpose. He is known to be an academician from the Chinese Science Academy, and is engaged in science research. However, his academic level is very inferior. He used to engage in political affairs in the Chinese Energy Research Institute (currently known as Chinese Research Institute of Nuclear Energy), and he is the brother-in-law of Luo Gan, the then Minister of Public Security of the Communist regime. Luo Gan is the very political opportunist who had long harbored a desire to suppress Falun Gong. Because Falun Gong is very righteous, Luo Gan could not find anything he could use as an excuse to defame Falun Gong no matter how hard he tried. He tried every means, by hook or by crook, to provoke incidents, and He Zuoxiu acted as his willing accomplice. The Ministry of Public Security had issued many internal documents, assigned people and planted them as agents among Falun Gong practitioners, in an attempt to investigate Falun Gong, check out how many people were practicing, the number of practice sites, who were the “organizers,” if Falun Gong charged fees, how they contacted each other, what materials they used, and more. In their documents, it was made very clear that they would ban the practice first, then collect evidence to support the ban. The National Security Section (formerly called the Political Security Section) of the local Public Security Bureau where I live contacted me many times, and the local police also asked me for a list of names of Falun Gong practitioners (I never gave it to them). Many incidents took place around the country in which the police harassed people at practice sites, dispersed practitioners, seized tape recorders, or used high-pressure hoses to hose down practitioners. Several newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations openly distorted the image of the Falun Gong practice. He Zuoxiu alone made false accusations in his speeches on numerous occasions. He rushed around to inflame and agitate people, trying to stir up incidents. Many practitioners went to talk to him and told him the facts, but he would not listen and went from bad to worse in slandering Falun Gong. He was a political club in Luo Gan’s hand to attack and suppress Falun Gong.

When He’s article was published, many practitioners in Tianjin, feeling responsible to society and Dafa, started to call or write to the magazine to clarify the facts. Some also went there in person to request that the magazine correct their false report. Because there were so many people calling, the phone became really busy and many calls could not get through, so more and more people decided to go to the office in person. During the whole process, the authorities of the magazine never gave people a clear answer nor did they take an equivocal position. They kept going back on their own words. As the magazine’s office was located in a school where other work units shared the same space, when there were many people gathering there, it would inevitably have an impact on other work units (it was said that several thousand people went to appeal at the time). Being anxious about any possible incident, the school called the Bureau of Public Security in Tianjin to send personnel to intervene. As a result, on April 24, 1999, an incident took place in which the police came to disperse people. They used clubs, high-pressure water guns and handcuffs to hit practitioners and they arrested more than forty practitioners. This incident directly caused a large number of practitioners to gather together, and many went to appeal at the Tianjin Municipality. As the incident expanded, departments concerned started to shift blame onto each other. In the end, the Bureau of Public Security and the Tianjin Municipality told Falun Gong practitioners, “We cannot take responsibility for this matter. Go to Beijing, the Ministry of Public Security already knows about this.” This is what triggered the “April 25” incident.

The Group of Falun Gong Practitioners Is A Pure Land

I arrived at the south end of Fuyou Street in Beijing around 8:00 a.m. on April 25. There was a desk in the northwest corner of the footpath, where two or three policemen were sitting around and chatting with one another. Clearly, they had been assigned to be on duty there. A few practitioners and I walked along the footpath on the east side of the street towards the north, hoping to go to the west entrance of the State Council to directly report the incident to the reception office and to ask for the release of our fellow practitioners who had been unlawfully arrested. We would also request that such incidents never happen again and that Falun Gong practitioners be given an open and non-threatening environment in which to practice. We wanted to tell the state leaders how beautiful our lives had become through practicing Falun Gong. At the same time, we wanted to warn the government to guard against a small number of people with ulterior motives who aimed to use Falun Gong for their own political gains. We were thinking about how to explain this to the government as we walked along. When we were about three or four hundred meters from the west entrance of the State Council, a young lady walked out from a group of people standing on the west side of the street. She crossed the street and walked toward us. She asked us with a smile, “May I know if you are fellow practitioners who have come to appeal?” I did not say anything for fear that she would stop us. One practitioner who came with us told her, “We are from xx district, we are here to appeal.” The young lady said, “If that is the case, then please join us in the group.” I said, “We will go to the reception office of the State Council to report the situation. We did not come to stand in a group.” The young lady said, “I understand how you feel. Now that we are here, we are one body. We have all come for the same purpose. We have the same Master and cultivate the same Fa. We need to consider Dafa and the image as one body, and must not let bad people take advantage of any loophole.” I immediately said, “Yes, you are right.” Then we followed her and joined the appealing group of practitioners.

The number of practitioners increased rapidly. When we joined in, there were already three rows, stretching to four or five hundred meters long. Soon afterwards, another row was added and the gathering became wider and longer. Later, even the side lanes were crowded with people sitting by either side. Many were elderly people. At that point, some people suggested that we let the young people stand in the front four rows so that the elderly practitioners could sit down in the back. It was a very touching scene to see practitioners showing such respect to each other. From time to time, there would be a reminder passed along from the front rows: Please keep quiet and try not to move about too much. One young man was holding a poster board with characters: Quiet. Do not move about. He walked quietly back and forth in the gathering.

After lunch time, there was much litter that needed to be taken away. A few older practitioners bought some big black bags and walked around to collect litter and put it in the rubbish bins on the roadside. However, most practitioners put their litter in their own bags. People picked up every piece of litter where they were, even the cigarette butts thrown down by the police. When passersby saw this, they said with admiration: “Falun Gong is truly a field of pure land.”

The Police Officers Wanted to Read the Book Zhuan Falun

As the number of practitioners increased, the number of policemen and their cars also increased, and all the major intersections in Beijing set up check points. By around 11:00 a.m., buses driving past Zhongnanhai (the central government compound) and Fuyou Street were canceled, and road entrances all had check points to question people who came to appeal. There was a police van parked near where I was, and five or six policemen were standing around. In the beginning, they looked rather tense and kept staring at practitioners. Later, they became more relaxed and started chatting and joking with us. At around 2:00 p.m., one of them, a relatively tall and overweight officer walked towards me. He stopped when he was about one and a half meter away and asked, “You are the group leader, aren’t you?” I said, “We don’t have any leaders. We are all Falun Gong practitioners.” He then asked, ” What is Falun Gong? Did you come here to practice Falun Gong?” I told him, “Falun Gong is a cultivation practice of the Buddha School. It can help people get rid of illnesses and become healthy. Most importantly it teaches people to be good people. We did not come here to practice Falun Gong, but to report to the appeal office of the State Council about the incident in Tianjin where the Bureau of Public Security beat and arrested people.” He was surprised and asked, “Tianjin dared to beat and arrest people?” I said, “Yes, they did. The matter has to be handled by the State Council.” He then asked, “You don’t have any leaders, how come you act as one? Do you have any books? Let me take a look.” I said, “It’s a pity I didn’t bring mine. Let me see if someone else has one.” He said, “Thank you.” As I was talking, a few people behind me said they had the book. I took a copy of “Zhuan Falun” from a female practitioner and presented it to the policeman with both hands. He also received the book with both hands and quickly browsed through it. He then said to two other policemen, “You two keep an eye on them. I’ll go and take a look at the book in the van.” The policemen looked at each other and smiled, and then they all went into the van.

Premier Zhu Rongji Received Practitioners

As more and more practitioners joined in, by 11:00 a.m., about 150 meters south of the west entrance to Zhongnanhai, countless people had gathered around. It was said that the crowd stretched from the south entrance of Fuyou Street to as far as the fly-over at Fuxinmen and to the north of Dahongluochang.

While we were waiting, I remember a few groups of representatives were called into the reception office of the State Council. Once, when a representative came out, he said, “We need practitioners who specialize in law. Those inside do not have much legal knowledge. We need to have law professional practitioners.” Another time, a representative came out and said, “We do not have practitioners from the Research Association among us inside. Leaders of the State Council require that we must have responsible people among the representatives.” He said if anyone knew Wang Zhiwen or the head of the general practice site, please call them to come straight away; otherwise the State Council would not receive us.

At around two or three o’clock, applause burst out among practitioners near the west entrance. I turned and looked, and saw a big group of people coming out from the west entrance and crossing over to the east side of the street. Regular police officers and armed policemen were standing outside. I heard people say that Premier Zhu Rongji had come out to meet the practitioners. Zhu Rongji went to greet and shake hands with practitioners, then he went back in. (I think the process lasted 1-3 minutes.)

Later, one practitioner asked, “Is Li Xiaomei here?” (Li was a Beijing practitioner. Later she was brainwashed in prison and did many bad things to help the evil. I hope she will soon become clear-headed again.) The reason they looked for Li Xiaomei was because representatives from the Tianjin Bureau of Public Security denied that they had beaten and arrested people. When the State Council leaders asked them if they had arrested people, they denied it. Practitioners wanted Li Xiaomei to give evidence to expose their lies. (Li Xiaomei had gone to appeal in Tianjin and was beaten and arrested.) Practitioner representative Li Chang said to the representatives from the Tianjin Bureau of Public Security, “In front of the leaders of the State Council, I should make a responsible statement. You say you did not arrest any practitioners, I say you did. There were practitioners from Beijing among those you arrested. We can call them to be witnesses.” The representatives from Tianjin were speechless.

A Miraculous Scene That Deeply Touched Our Hearts

Although there were many of us, the scene was very quiet and peaceful. A little after four o’clock in the afternoon, people around me suddenly started to clap their hands. Some shouted quietly, “Look, quickly, there are Falun everywhere! There are Falun on the leaves, on the wall!” Just then, rosy clouds floated softly in the sky, countless Falun were flying in the air, and at the far end of the clouds, sat our great benevolent Master’s Fashen, in a red robe. He looked immensely compassionate and dignified. The whole group was aroused and excited. The spectacular scene was beyond description. This sacred scene lasted for about half an hour. Not only practitioners witnessed it, an elderly lady and her grandson living nearby saw it too. They shouted excitedly, “It’s so beautiful, so very beautiful!” When we went to fetch drinking water from the tap in their yard, she refused to take any more money from us.

Luo Gan Sets Up the Trap; Jiang Zemin enraged

I would like to make it very clear here that although the number of practitioners continuously increased, all of us kept good order. We wanted to be responsible to Dafa, and to society and establish a good image of Dafa and practitioners to the people and the government, and at the same time, to guard against any bad people who wanted to make trouble and frame Falun Gong. Indeed, there were agents who mixed in among practitioners and tried to cause trouble and disturbances. About 50 meters from where I was, I saw a young man in the morning, who did not behave like a practitioner at all. He talked nonsense and encouraged people to go home. Later he took out a lighter and lit a cigarette [Falun Gong practitioners do not smoke]. His actions revealed his true identity, and he was driven out of the group. Although we identified some individual agents, we failed to recognize the political trap that was set up by the CCP.

This is what happened on that day: in the morning, as more and more people joined in, the police on duty at the south entrance of Fuyou Street asked the crowd to extend to the west on the north side of the road and did not allow people to come near the side of Zhongnanhai with the red wall. But later on, there appeared policemen who told the crowd to move eastwards along the red wall of Zhongnanhai. Looking back, their purpose was very clear. It was a trap set up by the Public Security Bureau to deliberately lead the crowd to surround Zhongnanhai. Later, the CCP indeed fabricated malicious lies in their propaganda media and documents about Falun Gong “surrounding Zhongnanhai.”

At around five o’clock in the afternoon on April 25, Jiang Zemin secretly inspected the crowd in a bullet-proof car and he saw with his own eyes that among the appealing crowd there were army officers and police offers in uniform. He was enraged by that sight. Later, he shouted during a central committee meeting: “Falun Gong’s contingent stood in such neat lines and had such good discipline, better even than our army troops. It would be good if our army troops and police forces could line up that neatly. There were even officers ranking higher than commanding officers in the crowd. You must check them out and strictly deal with them.” (This is what the Party Secretary in my work unit told me in person when he called me in for a talk.)

Practitioners Went Home, the Street Was Clean, People Praised Practitioners for Their Exemplary Behavior

At around three or four o’clock in the afternoon on April 25, a flyer was circulated among practitioners. It was a united notice from the central government, the State Council and the Public Security Bureau in Beijing. The general content of the notice included: Reinstate the three “no” policies towards qigong; the opinions of the appealers are clear; the gathering should be dismissed as soon as possible. As for the yet-to-be-reported incidents in various places where Falun Gong practitioners were harassed, people can send representatives to report them to the central government level by level. People from other cities or provinces may go back and report the incidents to the appeal offices in their own province. In Beijing, each county and district can send their representatives to report directly to the reception office of the appeal office of the State Council, and the director of the appeal office will receive them.

Practitioners remained calm and quiet after seeing the notice, and yet nobody left the scene because we knew that practitioners arrested in Tianjin were yet to be released. We would not leave until the issue of the arrested practitioners was resolved, and we even planned to stay overnight.

At around nine o’clock in the evening, a practitioner representative came out from the west entrance of Zhongnanhai and encouraged practitioners to leave and told us that all the practitioners arrested in Tianjin were released. Because practitioners did not know each other, and we did not know the name of the representative who was telling us this, it was not easy to move practitioners in the beginning. Questioned by practitioners, Li Chang announced loudly, “Please believe what I said. My name is Li Chang. I take full responsibility for what I’m saying. Tomorrow morning, at eight o’clock, each district and county in Beijing may send two representatives to gather at the appeals office in Yongdingmen, so that we can continue to report to the central government. Practitioners from other provinces and cities, please go back to your own province and city and report incidents to the local appeals office. Now please leave here.” As soon as practitioners heard what he said, they started to leave. The whole process was very quiet and peaceful. After practitioners left, the whole street was very clean, without any litter left behind.

New Zealand Audiences Profoundly Moved by Shen Yun’s Beauty and Inner Meaning

( As part of its 2013 World Tour, Shen Yun Performing Arts Touring Company staged two spectacular, awe-inspiring shows in New Zealand’s Civic Theatre in downtown Auckland on February 8 and 9.

Shen Yun “Honors a Heritage,” Says Maori Ambassador


Shen Yun

Maori Performing Arts ambassador Ms. Ranpiri-Ransfield says
Shen Yun dancers portray the values of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance
(Photo courtesy of NTD Television)


One audience member, Tui-Matira Ranapiri-Ransfield, a Maori Performing Arts Ambassador, traveled three hours to see the opening performance of Shen Yun.


As a leader of the Maori performing arts, Ms. Ranapiri-Ransfield is very interested in and appreciates the value of all traditional cultures.


She came to the show to see classical Chinese dancing techniques and to observe the choreography, but she left feeling struck by the purity of Shen Yun’s expression of traditional Chinese culture. “The dancing this evening comes from a traditional, ancient performing arts background, and I was keen to come along and witness that for myself,” she said.


The Maori leader, herself an accomplished soprano, was also delighted by Shen Yun’s live orchestra and the three vocalists. “The show this evening was exquisite, it was superb, it was moving.”


She liked how the program presented the dances in their true form. “It honors a heritage,” she said.


“I see the discipline, I see the hard work and I see beauty in the performance. The synchronization was just beautiful, classy, and soft—it was a reflection of a culture and its history. It was a reflection of the Falun Dafa philosophy about truth and compassion and tolerance and I see that in the dancing.”


Ms. Ranapiri-Ransfield was referring to the dance, “An Unexpected Encounter,” which portrays the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of the spiritual meditation group, Falun Dafa. “So not only do you talk about [Chinese] history or depict parts of its history of cruelty, I also saw the beautiful things that we are able to appreciate and have gratitude towards in life.”


She especially enjoyed the uplifting dance, “Phoenix Fairies,” which she described as “extraordinary,” and equated it to one of the many “meaningful things” in the show.


Ms. Ranapiri-Ransfield has traveled the world as an ambassador of the Maori cultural arts and is currently working as a teacher and researcher on various projects for her people.


Shen Yun Is “Stunning,” Says Award Winning TV Producer


Shen Yun 2

TV Producer Vivian Wigby-Ngatai was amazed at
Shen Yun Performing Arts in Auckland on February 8


Also enjoying the show was Vivian Wigby-Ngatai, a New Zealand award-winning television producer.


She described Shen Yun as “amazing” and “Just beautiful, so beautiful!” adding, “All of the dances were so beautiful.”


Her heart was also touched by the digitally animated backdrops, which perfectly interact with the performers. “The backdrop was amazing, absolutely amazing. It was such a beautiful addition to the show—very exciting to see them all flying off and flying back onto the stage. Very clever, very clever,” she enthused.


The live orchestra combines classical Western instruments and traditional Eastern instruments to play original scores.


“The music was very stirring and I liked … traditional Chinese instruments as well as Western instruments [playing] together. They produce a beautiful sound,” she explained.


Ms. Wigby-Ngatai came to see Shen Yun with a group of Maori friends, who all agreed that Shen Yun has a “very strong spiritual feeling.” When asked if she would recommend Shen Yun to her friends, she said she would, as she regarded it as a stunningly beautiful performance.


Journalist and His Family Enjoy Shen Yun

Shen Yun 3 
Duncan Gillies and his family enjoyed an evening
at Shen Yun Performing Arts in Auckland


New Zealand Herald journalist Duncan Gillies attended the show with his family and a friend.


He praised the music and the dance. “We all really enjoyed it. I thought it was a great night out, and very impressive.”


Mrs. Gillies said that both she and her daughter, Yasmina, particularly liked the dance, “An Unexpected Encounter,” which describes a pair of tourists in China who meet Falun Dafa practitioners on Tiananmen Square. “Our daughter had watched something on Falun Dafa before, so that was even more interesting to know a little bit of background” said Mrs. Gillies.


“I was pleased to know what they were talking about [in the dance] and also really horrified at what’s going on,” Yasmina explained [referring to the ongoing persecution of Falun Gong in China].


A Colorful and Musical Spectacular,” Says Music Reviewer


Professional music reviewer Andrew Buchanan-Smart, who attended the show with his wife, called Shen Yun “a colorful and musical spectacular.”


Mr. Buchanan-Smart described his experience of Shen Yun as: “amazing choreography, costumes and dancing, absolutely fantastic!” He also enjoyed the “physicality” and “togetherness” of the dancers. “Their leaps and tumbles and jumps, amazing, really enjoying it,” he added.


Mrs. Buchanan-Smart, a garden designer, thoroughly enjoyed the costumes and story-based dances.


“I think the costumes are outstanding,” she said, making special note of Shen Yun’s “colors and the dancers’ precision and accuracy.”



Practitioners Stand Up for Falun Gong in a Chinese Court of Law

February 15, 2013 | By a Minghui correspondent from Yunnan Province, China

( By the time five Falun Gong practitioners were brought to trial on January 21, 2013, they had already been illegally detained for over eight months. Falun Gong has been persecuted in China since 1999. These practitioners were tried in the Kunming City Intermediate Court, which, like all courts in China, is controlled by the communist regime. The five-hour trial of Mr. Ye and his family was the longest ever in the court’s history for Falun Gong-related cases.


The detained practitioners included Mr. Ye Baofu, former deputy director of Forestry Central Hospital; his wife, Ms. Yang Mingqing; their daughter, Ms. Ye Mao; Mr. Su Kun, teacher from the Yunnan National Defense Technology College; and his wife, Ms. Zhang Xiaodan.


Mr. Ye and his family displayed the characteristic compassion of Falun Gong practitioners to all those present in the courtroom. At every opportunity, they tried to help people to better understand the facts about the practice and choose the path free of hatred and persecution.


Mr. Ye’s wife said in her own defense: “Today, I once again stand here as a defendant, charged with ‘utilizing cult organizations to undermine law enforcement.’ My practice of Falun Gong is legal, and Falun Gong is not a cult. It teaches Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, is beneficial to the nation, and does not do any harm. Possession of Falun Gong books and materials is also completely legal.


“Every single person—every living being—in the world is the object of Dafa’s saving grace, including those who have persecuted Falun Gong. I have no resentment or hatred toward those who participate in the persecution; I just hope you can come to understand the truth. The less you persecute Falun Gong, the more hope there will be for you to have a bright future.”



Mr. Ye Demonstrates to the Court How Falun Gong Led a Death Row Inmate to Repent


Mr. Ye told the court how he had brought great positive changes to the thinking of a death row inmate by discussing the principles of Falun Gong with him in the Wuhua Detention Center.


The inmate had lost all hope and was intent on creating conflicts with everyone in the center, including the guards. He had even thought about killing the guards, thinking that no one could control him.


Hearing this, Mr. Ye asked to be assigned to the same cell and eventually got through to him by sharing his personal experiences with Falun Gong. The inmate eventually wrote a letter to Mr. Ye, saying that if he had heard about Falun Gong earlier, he would not have committed the crimes that put him on death row (and ultimately saw him executed). He asked Mr. Ye to show his letter to everyone in the judicial system. The presiding court judge accepted this letter as evidence of the righteousness of Falun Gong.


Mr. Ye’s story reflects the truth that Falun Gong can benefit anyone, and that there is hope for anyone who can treasure the opportunity of a lifetime and remember that Falun Gong is good, and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.


Through testimony such as this, everyone in the courtroom witnessed and was touched by the compassion so often shown by Falun Gong practitioners.



Longest Falun Gong-Related Trial in the Court’s History


The trial took place on January 21, 2013, and lasted 5 ½ hours, from 10 a.m. until 1:30 p.m., and again from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. According to the bailiff, this was the longest Falun Gong-related hearing in the court’s history.


In the early morning hours of January 21, the Kunming City Intermediate Courthouse began to fill. Those who had come to witness the trial ranged from 80-year-olds to small kids, and included many who hoped to help free the wrongly detained Falun Gong practitioners. They included the family members of the detained practitioners. Security personnel initially said that 30 of Mr. Su and Ms. Zhang’s relatives would be admitted. However, officials only admitted 8 of them to the courtroom, with only immediate family allowed in. Only a cousin from Mr. Ye’s entire family was allowed in.


Mr. Ye’s trial was held in courtroom No. 21. There were four bailiffs and only one family member present. The presiding judge was Yang Jie, and the clerks were Li Xinghu and Li Shichao.


First, the two public prosecutors, Tang Yaqin and Li Yunbing from the Kunming City Procuratorate, read out the indictment that, as is typical in such cases, consisted of the usual trumped up charges routinely leveled against Falun Gong practitioners. Mr. Ye’s attorneys refuted the charges one by one. There were three defense attorneys present, and they made a strong defense for Mr. Ye, his wife, and their daughter.


Right at the outset, the attorneys pointed out the prosecutors’ presentation of the charges was illegal, as the prosecutors had only read out the titles of the evidence without showing any actual evidence. In addition, they had read out all of the evidence at once, without allowing an opportunity for the defense to raise questions against each piece.


None of the three practitioners (Mr. Ye, his wife, and their daughter) had signed their interrogation record. Ms. Ye pointed out that no one had ever asked her to do it.


No actual physical evidence was presented and the photos of so-called “evidence” appeared negligent and unprofessional. Since police did not follow standard protocol as required by law to collect and process the evidence, the attorneys argued that it was illegal. (Editor’s note. Since the charges themselves are trumped up, accusing practitioners of a crime that doesn’t exist, the whole notion of “evidence” may seem somewhat puzzling, even comical, to the Western onlooker, but such is the current state of things in these show trials of Falun Gong practitioners)


Prosecutors said that the 610 Office had performed the “authentication” for these pieces of evidence; however, this organization lacks the authority to perform any such acts per law. The final pieces of “evidence” were the books and materials taken from Mr. Ye’s home, which consisted of Zhuan Falun and copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, as well as videos of Shen Yun Performing Arts.


Mr. Su and Ms. Zhang were originally scheduled to be tried after the trial of Mr. Ye’s family. Their trial finally began at 5 p.m., but the earlier trial had lasted so long, by 5:30 p.m. the second was adjourned and rescheduled.



Background on the Practitioners Involved


i) The family of former Forestry Central Hospital deputy director arrested and persecuted


In the early morning hours of May 4, 2012, a special task-force vehicle appeared in the residential area of Mr. Ye’s community. Several policemen arrested Mr. Ye, his wife, and daughter; took photos and video recordings; and conducted a full search of the premises. They confiscated a large number of personal belongings and cash, as well as cut Mr. Ye’s telephone line. They left after 2 p.m., leaving behind many cigarette butts in the corridor of Mr. Ye’s building. Mr. Ye’s family was detained at the Wuhua Detention Center.


Mr. Ye, 62, is the former deputy director of the Forestry Central Hospital. His wife, Ms. Yang, 59, is the former head of the Forestry Training Center. Mr. Ye’s daughter, Ms. Ye, 34, lost her job after police’s harassment of her employer. The family has been persecuted for their belief in Falun Gong for over a decade.


On April 4, 2000, when Mr. Ye and his wife went to the Yunnan provincial government to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong, they were detained for 30 days. On August 15, 2001, he and his family were arrested at their temporary shelter by the Panlong District Domestic Security Division and the Riot Police Division. Mr. Ye and his wife were sentenced to two years of forced labor, and their daughter to one year of forced labor.


On January 10, 2005, Mr. Ye and his daughter were once again arrested at home by the Panlong District Domestic Security Division and the 610 Office. Their home was ransacked. Mr. Ye’s wife was also arrested at her workplace. They were all held in the Panlong District Second Detention Center. Mr. Ye was later sentenced to five years in prison, while his wife and daughter were each sentenced to three years in prison. Mr. Ye and his wife were also fired from their jobs.


ii) Teacher of the Yunnan National Defense Technology College and his wife arrested


Mr. Su and his wife, Ms. Zhang, lived in Room 301, Unit 1, Building 2 of the dormitory on the World Expo campus of the Yunnan National Defense Technology College in the Panlong District of Kunming City. Since the communist regime began it persecution of Falun Gong, the couple has been routinely harassed and persecuted by the Panlong District Police Department.


On December 6, 2004, when Mr. Su Kun gave his students CDs with information about Falun Gong, a parent reported him to the police. Mr. Su was arrested by officers from Panlong District Domestic Security Division. He was sentenced to three years of forced labor and imprisoned at the Ward No. 3 of the Yunnan Province No. 2 Forced Labor Camp. On June 28, 2007, he was transferred to Ward No. 1, and his prison term was extended by seven months. Mr. Su returned home in July 2008.


On May 4, 2012, Mr. Su and Ms. Zhang were arrested at home by officers from the Panlong District Domestic Security Division. Police ransacked their home and confiscated their desktop computer, laptop, external hard drive, cell phone, and Falun Gong books, among other things. The two practitioners were incarcerated at the No. 2 and No. 1 Panlong District detention centers, respectively. Ms. Zhang was beaten at the detention center.